Zambia's Kaunda still shows the way

ZAMBIA'S founding president Kenneth Kaunda is ageing gracefully and enjoying his retirement, which includes working in HIV-Aids awareness programmes throughout Africa and advising aspirant politicians.

But singing, strumming the guitar and dancing are seemingly some of the fun-loving sides of this iconic politician that was seemingly hidden from the world. Read More

KK on Zambia Blog Radio - 46th Independence Anniversary

Zambia's first president Dr Kenneth David Kaunda will be guest on the eve of our special Zambia's 46th independence celebration and anniversary show. Dr Kaunda will conclude our three part series of 'Zambia then and now' down memory lane as he shares with us his earlier years of life as a school teacher and of family life together with Mama Betty Kaunda. At what stage in his life and what really prompted him to get involved in politics and the years leading to the struggle for independence.

Zambia Blog Talk Radio

Conversations with History: Kenneth D. Kaunda

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes His Excellency Kenneth D. Kaunda, the First President of Zambia (1964-1991). President Kaunda discusses the national and international challenges he confronted as a national leader. He also reflects on his current work with NGOs in the global fight to fight disease, poverty and inequality. Series: "Conversations with History" Full transcript is available HERE

Charity Hack Weekend - We Are Representing KK Foundation

Charity Hack Weekend brings together charities and developers to revolutionise the collection of donations. Join us 18-19 September 2010 and be part of this extraordinary event. We’re looking for developers to come up with new and innovative ways of helping charities promote their causes and garner support. At the end of the weekend, prizes will be awarded for the best application in different categories.
Highlights from Charity Hack 2009:

Kenneth Kaunda Lends His Support To Computer Skills For The Youth In Zambia

Kenneth Kaunda and  Shalala Oliver Sepiso, Country Manager - International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL), discussing the importance of Zambian children and youth in learning and gaining skills especially computer skills 

Dr Kenneth Kaunda, Glowing Tribute To Zambia’s First President

While other African countries lapsed into civil wars and bloodshed,not in Dr Kaunda’s Zambia.It took the magnanimity and insight of Dr Kaunda to unite the seventy two plus tribal and ethnic groups into the strong single entity that Zambia is today.

"Yes, we had instinctively and tacitly made a resolution to cherish unity.That, regardless of tribal,ethnic, racial backgrounds or any differences, in Dr Kaunda’s nation and successive leaderships in Zambia we would always clasp our hands into one another ’s -as one wonderful,vibrant,progressive and victorious people.
We are exceedingly proud that in Dr Kaunda we have a patriarch and architect of the Zambian nation.
We are grateful that our own Dr Kaunda has truly lived to be an embodiment of love,wisdom,selflessness,unity, fortitude and a progressive vision."


Namibia Honours Kenneth Kaunda

FIRST Republican president Kenneth Kaunda was on Saturday night presented with a national honour for his contribution to the struggle for freedom in Namibia.

Dr Kaunda received the honour during an official gala dinner at Hotel Safari in Windhoek held in recognition of the leaders who contributed to the freedom of Namibia.

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