Myths & Lies About KK

I have always wondered why mythology seems to follow this man, KK … it wasn’t until I started following and studying very powerful natural born leaders that I began to understand that all such powerful people tend to have a cultic feeling about them.

Consider US President Barack Obama for instance, not too long ago people literally used to faint during his campaign for president. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. his presence was almost cultic in nature, his charisma captivating.

Abraham Lincoln was so powerful and charismatic turning foes into friends moving a so much divided party into victory not once but over and over again. Kaunda was the same, there was this special feeling one had when one was in his presence which can easily be misunderstood.

That’s my opinion and it probably sucks but the more I got to know KK the more I found him very gracious. In fact all the hoopla was usually created by those around him … the guy was as down to earth as it gets

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