Kenneth Kaunda - Tiyende Pamodzi

This was Kenneth Kaunda's signature tune which he used to rally support for the liberation of Southern Africa.

Kaunda votes in Zambia election

President Kenneth Kaunda on Tuesday called for peace as he cast his ballot in elections marred by rioting.

 "This is an extremely important occasion when Zambia is organising itself in a decent way. That decency must be exhibited in the way we behave," Kaunda told journalists

"We must continue with the peace and democracy," the 87-year-old said.

Kaunda ruled Zambia from independence in 1964 to 1991, when he lost to the late Frederick Chiluba in the first multiparty elections.

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Dr. K D Kaunda has been discharged from the MEDI clinic Windhoek, Namibia

Dear All,

We would like to take this opportunity to advise all well wishers and friends that His Excellency Dr. K D Kaunda was discharged from the MEDI clinic Windhoek this afternoon and is recuperating in residence. We thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.

Allah’s Blessings to you all

Kambarage Kaunda

Medical experts dispatched to assess KK's condition

THE Government has dispatched a team of medical experts to assess the condition of first Republican president Kenneth Kaunda who has been admitted to hospital in Namibia.

Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Peter Mwaba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that the experts who left yesterday include director of mobile and emergency services Welani Chilengwe, University Teaching Hospital (UTH) senior superintendent Lackson Kasonka and Dr Kaunda’s long-time personal physician, Chifumbe Chintu.

“We have been told that Dr Kaunda is fine but as Government we do not want to take chances, we have sent a team of experts to assess his condition and advise us on the way forward,” Dr Mwaba said.
Earlier, Dr Kaunda’s chief of staff Godwin Mfula also confirmed that Dr Kaunda was in a stable condition.

Mr Mfula said he yesterday spoke with the former president who said he was feeling better.Dr Kaunda was admitted to hospital on Sunday during his vacation in that country.
Source:   Times of Zambia

Zambia Honours DR Kenneth Kaunda

19 November · 16:00 - 20:00


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For The Zambian Peoples PACT.


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Lets come together and Honour the great man of Africa.

In April 1949 Kaunda returned to Lubwa to become a part-time teacher, but resigned in 1951. In that year he became Organising Secretary of the Northern Rhodesian African National Congress for Northern Province, which included at that time Luapula Province. On 11 November 1953 he moved to Lusaka to take up the post of Secretary General of the ANC, under the presidency of Harry Nkumbula. The combined efforts of Kaunda and Nkumbula failed to mobilize the indigenous African people against the White-dominated Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. In 1955 Kaunda and Nkumbula were imprisoned for two months with hard labour for distributing "subversive" literature. Such imprisonment and other forms of harassment were normal rites of passage for African nationalist leaders. The experience of imprisonment had a radicalizing impact on Kaunda. The two leaders drifted apart as Nkumbula became increasingly influenced by white liberals and was seen as being willing to compromise on the issue of Black majority rule, waiting till the majority was 'ready' before extending the franchise. This was, however, to be determined by existing property and literacy qualifications, dropping race altogether. Nkumbula's allegedly autocratic leadership of the ANC eventually resulted in a split. Kaunda broke from the ANC and formed the Zambian African National Congress (ZANC) in October 1958. ZANC was banned in March 1959. In June Kaunda was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, which he spent first in Lusaka, then in Salisbury (now called Harare).

While Kaunda was in prison, Mainza Chona and other nationalists broke away from the ANC and, in October 1959, Chona became the first president of the United National Independence Party (UNIP), the successor to ZANC. However, Chona did not see himself as the party's main founder. When Kaunda was released from prison in January 1960 he was elected President of UNIP. In July 1961 Kaunda organized a civil disobedience campaign in Northern Province, the so called Cha-cha-cha campaign, which consisted of burning schools and blocking roads. Kaunda ran as a UNIP candidate during the 1962 elections. This resulted in a UNIP–ANC Coalition Government, with Kaunda as Minister of Local Government and Social Welfare. In January 1964 UNIP won the General Election under the new Constitution beating the ANC under Nkumbula. Kaunda was appointed Prime Minister. On 24 October 1964 he became the first President of independent Zambia. Reuben Kamanga was appointed as the first Vice President.

Update: Mama Betty Kaunda, the wife of Zambia’s first President has NOT died

Mama Betty passed away around mid day,Saturday 25th June. More details to be revealed as more information come in.


Latest Update from Kambarage Kaunda Please be advised, this is not true. Mama Betty is fine and well. Than'x for the concern.

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